Q - What is included in the sponsorship? 

A - The sponsorship includes:
  • Uniforms Include: 2 pair of school pants, 2 school shirts, 1 belt, 2 pair of socks,  2 white undershirts, 1 pair of school shoes, 1 pair of tennis shoes for recess.
  • School Supplies Include: All required Text Books, 1 backpack, 6 notebooks, 1 packet of ruled paper, 1 packet of pens, 1 packet of pencils, 1 packet colored pencils, 1 eraser, 1 bottle glue, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 pencil box, 1 set crayons*, 1 safety scissors*, 1 ruler*, 1 protractor / compass*, 1 packet of colored clay*.  (* when required by grade and teacher)

Q - Can I meet my sponsored child? 

A - Yes, we actually encourage that you try to build a relationship with your sponsored child. Feel free to send encouraging notes, or maybe even birthday presents and/or Christmas gifts. If you are ever in Costa Rica on a mission trip or vacation, simply let us know and we will coordinate a visit for you. We do ask that you send all notes and gifts through 6:8 Ministries. This helps us maintain control and allows us to follow up with thank you notes. 

Q - How do you select the children in the program?

A - The children in the program are selected on criteria of financial need and their relationship with the 6:8 Ministries staff. We want to have a ministry relationship with the children and the family.  

Q - Can I check on the academic progress of my sponsor child?

A - Yes, all you need to do is email Ashly (ashly@68ministries.com) and she will send you a copy of the most current report card for your sponsored child.